Here we go. Blog numero uno. Disclaimer: I’m going with the free-form stream of consciousness approach so if I sound disjointed with no logical sense of structure or thought, then welcome to my mind. The institution of marriage may not be dead as many believe but for better or for worse, it has changed dramatically. It blows my mind how in this day and age, with the state of the world being what it is, as intellectual and sensitive as we claim to be, our government can simply slide in and make an issue out of gay marriage. Why is this even an issue? Who are these people who feel they can judge anything and/or anyone? I voted for Bama because I felt he was the open-minded candidate who truly wished to move things forward. Now I question his wavering commitment. Love is love for Christ’s sake. It’s basically the only thing we truly have left that is worth living for and nothing else matters. And the government seemingly wants to sweep the gays under the rug. But as soon as they know someone who is, it’s a different story. Hippocrits. Denouncing any committed caring couple union- gay, straight or whatever label we come with in our label-obsessed world is a huge step backwards. I’m more of a spiritual, non-denominational guy so I won’t rely on biblical statement which, in my opinion are stories anyway that have been twisted every direction imaginable but what I will and can say is stop bullying people. It’s all based in fear and hate. We’re all the same.

Universe. Uni=one. verse=song.